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Missing someone can transport you into an unreal world. It makes them loom large in your memory and they kind of haunt your thoughts somewhere in the back of your head. The smile on the corner of the lips, the stead fast gaze, the dimple you never noticed before flashes across your mind’s eye…like Wordsworth would speak of a host of daffodils. Yeah, your heart does flutter and dance in the memory and you start pining. There is a weird sort of comfort that you derive from pining. It leaves a gentle but yet deep ache within your soul, which you feel sometimes in a physical sense. It usually starts out as a lump in the throat and lands somewhere in your heart like heavy burden you cannot throw off. Yes, releasing the agony in tears can offer some solace and you can then carry on with routine. The beauty of life and the intensity of emotions are usually felt in moments. You capture the moment hold it close to your heart, understand it with your mind and savour if for whatever intense feeling it brings… be it happiness or sorrow and then it quickly flits away from your scrutiny just as it appeared suddenly out of the blue. I figure why poets glorify the pain of missing someone and pining for them. It yields a special kind of joy by itself…maybe because your heart fills with powerful emotions that make you feel warm in the heart and fuzzy in the head.


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