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Here is one of old writing pieces written on a rainy day, with the cyclonic weather ranting and raving…well not like y’day though…want to recapture the moment I felt when I wrote this:

Most of us love rain. There is something very romantic about standing in your balcony and feeling the cold breeze sprinkle your face with rain spray, while you sip a hot cuppa.
Just after some refreshing rain its a treat to see the greenery around smiling with a gratified sigh with their original lustre shimmering with pride. There is something cozy about curling up in warm clothes and reading a nice book in such weather.

When you are all by yourself, here are some romantic things you can do when it rains, to enjoy your solitude:

  • Open all the doors and windows in your house and feel the rain spray, while you take a nostalgic trip to some happy memories.
  • Get a bit bolder and go up to your terrace and feel the downpour in its full glory. After a mirthful time full of childish glee, you slip into some warm clothes, dry your hair and treat yourself to a cup of hot coffee or a bowl of soup.
  • Cuddle up between warm sheets and watch a romantic comedy
  • Make paper boats in all shapes and sizes and let them take a course in all the tiny rivulets that run around your house…(remember how much you loved it as a kid)
  • Prepare a light, piping hot meal, light some candles, put on some music and enjoy it leisurely…spoonful by spoonful, in fact an ice-cream cone is not a bad idea for dessert.
  • If you are someone who loves to write or compose a short story or paint…go for it.
  • Take a nice long walk in the neighbourhood park when its gently drizzling
    Make the most of the rain and get some “just-me” time.

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