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An ode to longing!

Can you make sense of this longing?

This feeling that engulfs me when I gaze upon

a pitch black night sky with a lone shining star

the sudden glimpse of a brick red titled roof

atop a cozy house on a cloudy windy day

The tree that sways and trembles with

bright sunny flowers on a drizzly morning

the nostalgia that triggers emotions deep within

like the vast ocean that gently cradles a bobbing moon

the fleeting memory of the smile of a child’s innocence

and eyes that twinkle with wicked mischief

that kills and thrills me

this bitter sweetness that I hate to love

and yet cherish for it warms my soul

I don’t want to let go

and yet wish it would leave me in peace

Sense of longing that preys so on a mind so fickle !!


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