There is this dream in almost everyone’s life to make it big in advertising – just because of the sheer freedom of thought, the freedom to be and the free expression. I had such a dream too, still do tucked  away in some corner of my heart. The job is associated with glamour,  big monies, celebrities, larger than life grand plans…but for me it meant loving what you do and not know how time flies by, relishing every moment!

In advertising new possibilities open up,  new challenges beckon you that fills you with a rush of excitement and fresh enthusiasm. The actual creative process will submerge your senses and shut out all else and it is just you, your thoughts and the creative – such an experience can be mind blowing.

I feel this connect every time I get the rhthym of composing a rush of my thoughts into words. I can just let go of everything else and be in the sole company of my thoughts with a feeling of a free falling making you relax, unwind and be so peaceful and so connected with the entire process. You just bask in the warm glory of words coming at you with the free waterfall of thoughts hitting your senses, awaking your soul and breathing fresh air into a mundane existence. You would be able to connect to what I am talking about, when you have lost yourself in a job or activity or hobby, which makes you come alive.

Back to being, say a creative writer in an advertising firm, the challenge would be to express yourself in a line – boy that can be so much of a struggle when you have to contain all the avalanche of expressions into that single line which is going to taking the world by storm…this adrenaline rush makes it so exciting and so enormously rewarding!

Watching the Prahlad Kakkar show on NDTV brought back waves of nostalgia – the array of ads like the MGM strepsils ad, pink or blue Jenson and Nicholson paints ad and my favourite gold spot, the zing thing had me travel back in time – it was one of those jingles you tend to hum. Watching the Aamir Khan-Aishwarya Pepsi ad, reminded me how much the art of make up has evolved in Bollywood now! The more recent SRK-Sachin pepsi was indeed a brilliant ad that made its mark as expected!

Thanks PK and NDTV for this little nostalgic trip down memory lane. Happy Diwali.

Here is a list of some cool (mostly old) ad clips…enjoy:

Amul Butter1

Amul Butter 2

Gold spot – the zing thing

Raymond Suitings 1

Raymond Suitings 2


Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Choc ad 1

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Choc ad 2

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Choc ad 3






Here is one of old writing pieces written on a rainy day, with the cyclonic weather ranting and raving…well not like y’day though…want to recapture the moment I felt when I wrote this:

Most of us love rain. There is something very romantic about standing in your balcony and feeling the cold breeze sprinkle your face with rain spray, while you sip a hot cuppa.
Just after some refreshing rain its a treat to see the greenery around smiling with a gratified sigh with their original lustre shimmering with pride. There is something cozy about curling up in warm clothes and reading a nice book in such weather.

When you are all by yourself, here are some romantic things you can do when it rains, to enjoy your solitude:

  • Open all the doors and windows in your house and feel the rain spray, while you take a nostalgic trip to some happy memories.
  • Get a bit bolder and go up to your terrace and feel the downpour in its full glory. After a mirthful time full of childish glee, you slip into some warm clothes, dry your hair and treat yourself to a cup of hot coffee or a bowl of soup.
  • Cuddle up between warm sheets and watch a romantic comedy
  • Make paper boats in all shapes and sizes and let them take a course in all the tiny rivulets that run around your house…(remember how much you loved it as a kid)
  • Prepare a light, piping hot meal, light some candles, put on some music and enjoy it leisurely…spoonful by spoonful, in fact an ice-cream cone is not a bad idea for dessert.
  • If you are someone who loves to write or compose a short story or paint…go for it.
  • Take a nice long walk in the neighbourhood park when its gently drizzling
    Make the most of the rain and get some “just-me” time.


Experiencing restlessness is like being on pins and needles, you are anxious for time to pass, for something to happen…anything to happen. You look forward to whatever it is that will put an end to the restless state of mind. It could be anything from waiting for the email to arrive or a damn phone call or the presence of someone who had been missing for quite a while. The anticipation can be killing and in your restless state of mind you find bursts of absent mindedness with thoughts far away imagining situations where some relief from your current state of mind is felt.

It is amazing how situations can spin your state of mind out of control, how anticipation can build to unimaginable states of anxiety. It is a not so nice a state to be in as you feel only a miracle will help you make peace with yourself.

Music and lyrics

It is a cute movie, endearing with its innocence and charm. The opening soundtrack “Pop goes my heart” is a fitting intro to a romantic comedy and captures the 80’s feeling quite well. The other soundtracks were quite charming as well, especially the one sung by Alex Fletcher (HUGH GRANT) on stage, “Don’t write me off yet”. It employed a sense of humour and a sensitivity of the heart simultaneously, which is an extremely potent combination in real life situations.

The turn of events in the story is quite cleverly weaved in lines with the movie’s theme music and lyrics. I like the Sophie Fisher’s (Drew Barrymore) simile on Music and lyrics – “A melody is like seeing someone for the first time… the physical attraction…sex…but then, as you get to know the person, that’s the lyrics. Their story… who they are underneath. It’s the combination of the two that makes it magical.”

The striking thing about the movie is the lightheartedness with which the entire script is handled. It’s has quite a few good laughs.

Then again it did not bring depth to the emotion of two people in love – Alex Fletcher and Sophie Fisher. I don’t think it is because of the lightheartedness of the movie, it has more to do with the lack of chemistry between Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. For instance, Notting Hill where Hugh Grant stars with Julia Roberts brings out the chemistry and depth of feeling….you can connect to it but you cannot do the same with the on screen pair of Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

Anyways, good time pass and tunes that get you humming.

On objectivity

When do you start feeling objective about a situation in your life?

Trivial things in everyday situations to coping with life’s experiences that go on to make you tough, everything has an impact on the way you think and the way your personality shapes.

I for one always think that it is difficult to feel objective at the first take. It takes years of growing up to be able to do that at the drop of a glance. Thoughts always tend to bounce off the heart to the head. It is your emotional take on it first, even more so for a sensitive person and then it goes past that stage of thought to an analysis of the situation. That is when you push the situation away from you and look at it from various different pairs of shoes. You then arrive at a clear objective picture, from which point it becomes easier to move on, having dealt with it inside your head. You can choose to shrug it off or learn from it, whichever the situation is worthy of.

A look at pining

Missing someone can transport you into an unreal world. It makes them loom large in your memory and they kind of haunt your thoughts somewhere in the back of your head. The smile on the corner of the lips, the stead fast gaze, the dimple you never noticed before flashes across your mind’s eye…like Wordsworth would speak of a host of daffodils. Yeah, your heart does flutter and dance in the memory and you start pining. There is a weird sort of comfort that you derive from pining. It leaves a gentle but yet deep ache within your soul, which you feel sometimes in a physical sense. It usually starts out as a lump in the throat and lands somewhere in your heart like heavy burden you cannot throw off. Yes, releasing the agony in tears can offer some solace and you can then carry on with routine. The beauty of life and the intensity of emotions are usually felt in moments. You capture the moment hold it close to your heart, understand it with your mind and savour if for whatever intense feeling it brings… be it happiness or sorrow and then it quickly flits away from your scrutiny just as it appeared suddenly out of the blue. I figure why poets glorify the pain of missing someone and pining for them. It yields a special kind of joy by itself…maybe because your heart fills with powerful emotions that make you feel warm in the heart and fuzzy in the head.

Music has this amazing quality of empathy. When you are feeling romantic, there is nothing that can celebrate the sweetness of romance and take you away to Peter Pan’s never never land like a soft melodious soul stirring voice made magical in the folds of enchanting tunes. You can feel your heart skip hippety hippety hop alongwith the music. Here the music enhances your feelings, adds colour and rhythm to it and makes you really really happy and makes your imagination take a roller coaster ride of emotional highs.

What happens when you are feeling sad? Again music lends voice to your anguish. You can cry your heart out listening to a number that moves you and reflects your emotional turmoil but the best part is your tryst with music when in rage. I find metal the most demonstrative release of rage. When you are feeling happy or sad, music enhances those feelings, make them burn through you, giving you a high. When you feel anger, music, the heavy metal kinds, actually heals. I was listening to the Helloween band which has some amazing numbers. The best bit was the sarcastic humour laced ever so subtly within the lyrics. It makes you laugh in all the anger you feel. The pace and tempo of the music is so soothing to the soul….you got to experience it… to see what I mean, so next time you feel that rage building inside you, tune in to  album, The Dark Ride ( Band – Helloween), for a recipe on coming to terms with the rush of emotions inside you. HEAL YOURSELF.