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There is this dream in almost everyone’s life to make it big in advertising – just because of the sheer freedom of thought, the freedom to be and the free expression. I had such a dream too, still do tucked  away in some corner of my heart. The job is associated with glamour,  big monies, celebrities, larger than life grand plans…but for me it meant loving what you do and not know how time flies by, relishing every moment!

In advertising new possibilities open up,  new challenges beckon you that fills you with a rush of excitement and fresh enthusiasm. The actual creative process will submerge your senses and shut out all else and it is just you, your thoughts and the creative – such an experience can be mind blowing.

I feel this connect every time I get the rhthym of composing a rush of my thoughts into words. I can just let go of everything else and be in the sole company of my thoughts with a feeling of a free falling making you relax, unwind and be so peaceful and so connected with the entire process. You just bask in the warm glory of words coming at you with the free waterfall of thoughts hitting your senses, awaking your soul and breathing fresh air into a mundane existence. You would be able to connect to what I am talking about, when you have lost yourself in a job or activity or hobby, which makes you come alive.

Back to being, say a creative writer in an advertising firm, the challenge would be to express yourself in a line – boy that can be so much of a struggle when you have to contain all the avalanche of expressions into that single line which is going to taking the world by storm…this adrenaline rush makes it so exciting and so enormously rewarding!

Watching the Prahlad Kakkar show on NDTV brought back waves of nostalgia – the array of ads like the MGM strepsils ad, pink or blue Jenson and Nicholson paints ad and my favourite gold spot, the zing thing had me travel back in time – it was one of those jingles you tend to hum. Watching the Aamir Khan-Aishwarya Pepsi ad, reminded me how much the art of make up has evolved in Bollywood now! The more recent SRK-Sachin pepsi was indeed a brilliant ad that made its mark as expected!

Thanks PK and NDTV for this little nostalgic trip down memory lane. Happy Diwali.

Here is a list of some cool (mostly old) ad clips…enjoy:

Amul Butter1

Amul Butter 2

Gold spot – the zing thing

Raymond Suitings 1

Raymond Suitings 2


Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Choc ad 1

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Choc ad 2

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Choc ad 3





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