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Music has this amazing quality of empathy. When you are feeling romantic, there is nothing that can celebrate the sweetness of romance and take you away to Peter Pan’s never never land like a soft melodious soul stirring voice made magical in the folds of enchanting tunes. You can feel your heart skip hippety hippety hop alongwith the music. Here the music enhances your feelings, adds colour and rhythm to it and makes you really really happy and makes your imagination take a roller coaster ride of emotional highs.

What happens when you are feeling sad? Again music lends voice to your anguish. You can cry your heart out listening to a number that moves you and reflects your emotional turmoil but the best part is your tryst with music when in rage. I find metal the most demonstrative release of rage. When you are feeling happy or sad, music enhances those feelings, make them burn through you, giving you a high. When you feel anger, music, the heavy metal kinds, actually heals. I was listening to the Helloween band which has some amazing numbers. The best bit was the sarcastic humour laced ever so subtly within the lyrics. It makes you laugh in all the anger you feel. The pace and tempo of the music is so soothing to the soul….you got to experience it… to see what I mean, so next time you feel that rage building inside you, tune in to¬† album, The Dark Ride ( Band – Helloween), for a recipe on coming to terms with the rush of emotions inside you. HEAL YOURSELF.


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